Heavy Duty Powersafe RCD DUO Power Case

The Powersafe RCD DUO offers a much broader range of protection by operating in various earthing environments. The RCD DUO is designed to isolate power in the occurrence of a fault to earth on multiple earthed neutral (MEN) and IT type systems. Earth Fault Protection on IT, TT & MEN type systems

Two accessory USB Charging Sockets rated at 2.1Amps each, power button for USB ports and safety fuse.

Transport Case Dimensions

• External Dimensions: 265 x 240 x 175 mm
• Internal Dimensions:
• Top of the Case: 235 x 180mm
• Base of the Case: 235 x 180mm
• Depth of Base: 120mm
• Depth of Lid: 30mm
• Meet TSA airline Safe Requirements
• System Weight 3.6 Kg

Charging Input Socket

240V Output @ 500w

Rail Wand Kit

Rail Wand Made in Australia

Probe Shoes are custom made to work with an assortment of Ultrasonic Transducers

WB35/70, SEB, VS-70

✳ Very useful tool when performing ultrasonic testing of rail turnouts


✳ Couplant Water capacity is 1.5 litres


✳ Supplied with probe holders to fit the angle probes and zero probe when scanning from the head of the rail.


✳ Probes are easily interchangeable.

✳ Rugged and lightweight construction, weighs 3.5kg when couplant reservoir is full.


✳ Wand a total length of 1.2 metres.


✳ Fully adjustable handle height.


✳ Designed + manufactured by EN DE TEK Australia.