Ex Demo & Second Hand Equipment

At EnDeTek Australia, we occasionally have ex demo, second hand tried tested and re calibrated equipment looking for a new owner. Below is an overview of what we currently have x demo, second hand.

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ECA semi-flex probe, medium 17c, for non-ferrous, 3 m


SKU:  ECA-SFC-064-005-017-N03S

More Information

Coverage: 64 mm (2.52")

Typical applications: Far-surface corrosion and subsurface cracks, Curved surfaces, such as pipes and pressure vessels. Also for flat surfaces.

Alloys: Non Ferromagnetic

Central frequency: 5 kHz

Coils diameter: 6 mm (0.24")

Depth of penetration: Up to 6 mm (0.236")

Flexible/conformable: Semi-flexible

Frequency range: 0.6-20 kHz

Minimum pipe diameter (Circ. scan): 410 mm (16")

Minimum pipe diameter (Longi. scan):  410 mm (16")

Nb. of channels: 16

Nb. of channels required: 32 channels

Nb. of coils: 17

Technology: Eddy current array

Topologies: Long Single Driver (LSD)

DefHi ECA probe, circ & axial array, Ø14.8mm MF, 5m



DefHi® ECA probe with bobbin, circumferential array, and axial array. Rigid design, 14.8 mm diameter, MF 50-500 kHz frequency range, 5 m nylon cable. Comes with the Ectane® 160-pin connector and requires the Ectane® 128 option.

Bobbin ECT standard probe, Ø 20 mm LF, 3m cable

Microdur Hardness Testing Probe MIC 205 Standard Length Handheld without cable (Probe Only)
5 kgf Major Dia 19mm Height 162mm

Microdur Hardness Testing Probe MIC 2010 Standard Length Handheld without cable (Probe Only) 
10 kgf Major Dia 19mm Height 162mm

DYNA D Standard Length Handheld without cable (Probe Only) impact device for rebound hardness testers for Retired MIC 20

Second-Hand Tested & Fully Functional